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Trailer Brakes, Repairs, ABS Diagnostic Services, & DOT Inspections

It's important to keep your trailer in top condition with brake maintenance and yearly DOT inspections. The experts at Grand National Trailer perform ABS diagnostics and brake repair and replacement services. Contact us to schedule your yearly DOT inspection to ensure your vehicles are operating safely.

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If you suspect your trailer needs new brakes, let us check them for you. We pride ourselves on honesty and won't recommend replacing the brakes if it's not necessary. When you do need new brakes, our replacement service is fast and efficient.

ABS Diagnostics

A properly functioning anti-lock braking system is critical to keeping safe on the road because it also contributes to anti-roll stability of your truck. We always use the most up-to-date software when we hook up your trailer to our computer to check for codes. You can also rely on us to have the latest version of the Meritor toolbox and the latest module for a trailer diagnostic adapter.

DOT Inspections

We can handle the yearly DOT inspection for your entire fleet at our shop or your trailer truck yard. And, if you want inspections more often, we do that too. You can be confident we check brakes, tires, wheels, air pressure, oil, radiators, and everything else that federal law requires to keep your fleet operating safely. DOT inspections typically take about an hour, so we schedule accordingly based on the size of your fleet.